Lazy afternoon at workEverybody has a different time of day when they feel like they are at their best. Some people are a morning folks, while others are night crawlers.

Recently I was doing some reflection on when I am the most productive and I am clearly a morning person. Normally I get to work within an hour of waking up and start cranking things out, but once I finish lunch I become pretty worthless at my job. After work, everything in the afternoon and evening feels considerably harder after a day of making decisions and expending all of my energy on work.

The rest of the day after work which is my personal time I need to fight through  low energy to get in some exercise, work on my writing, and do things for me.

I started thinking “why am I giving my best hours to my job and not giving them to myself”. How could I use the mornings when I am at my best to work on me.

Change of Schedule – Use Your Best Hours for You

I decided to talk to my boss and change my schedule to start later. So now instead of 6:30 am I start at 9:30 am.

With the 3 hours in the morning I have made 3 commitments: Cook a healthier balanced breakfast, exercise in the morning, and work on my writing. Now my best hours when I am the most alive, awake, and alert benefit me the most, not my job.

This has resulted in feeling better from eating healthier (even found some joy in cooking), harder workouts because my energy is maximized in the morning, and I didn’t feel like I was forcing myself to write. With only a 3 hour window to squeeze these 3 things in, they all became very special activities that I had to complete within a time constraint. This made me very efficient in getting each of these tasks done.

Going to Work Was the Hard Part

The hard part of all this was going to work later which meant staying at work later when I wasn’t used to it. The mornings at my job were still my most productive and I can attribute some of that to having a hard work out and a good breakfast before starting my workday. The afternoons were still a slog, particularly the last 2 hours before going home because I wasn’t use to working late, but honestly who cares. Another thing I noticed is that because I had already completed my workout and my writing for the day, I didn’t have to dread convincing myself to do those activities later.

My best hours of the day were given to me and my productivity on the things I want to spend my time on increased dramatically as well as the quality of the results.

How Can You Improve Your “You” Time

I know not everyone can simply change their work schedule, but it might be worth evaluating what hours of the day are you truly at your best and can you make arrangements to dedicate those hours to yourself. That will be the best time to work on you, your dream, and your life.

What are your thoughts on this and do you have the ability to flex your work hours?

Flex Your Work Schedule to Maximize Your Productivity

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