Personal Action StatementsIf you are like me you get anxiety about approaching new people whether it be for making new friends, romantic intentions, or even networking for business.

Most books advise that you approach a person within the first 3 seconds of deciding you want to interact with someone. The theory is that you don’t give yourself anytime to talk yourself out of it and over think the situation.

The truth is that while I am sure that suggestion is suitable for some people, if it was that easy than everyone would face the things they fear most.

With a little ingenuity though you can apply this trick to anything. We are going to set up your Personal Action Slogan.

Here is how it’s done:

Pick a Personal Action Slogan

Find a word or phrase that you can use to put yourself into action. We are going to call this your Personal Action Slogan.

My Slogan is: “Off your ass and on your feet ot of the shade and into the heat”. It’s a phrase my dad use to say to me and my brother when we had chores to do.

Don’t worry about a fancy phrase or something deeply meaningful. Even if your phrase is “Let’s do it”, that will work.

Associate the Action Slogan With Day to Day Actions

Form a habit of saying your Action Slogan before taking actions. In the beginning keep it simple. When you decide to take action on something say the slogan within 3 seconds of deciding to take action.

For example if I need to write a blog post, I say my personal action slogan and start writing.  When you remember that you need to email your boss, say your slogan and start writing the email. When you need to do your homework, say your slogan and get started.

Consistency is Key

You need to do this often to make it work. Always associate it with something you 100% know you can take action on. This will make your behavioral conditioning much stronger.

If you do this consistently, overtime your brain will associate your Action Slogan with taking action. Once your brain is conditioned to associate the phrase with a behavior of action the physical act of action becomes more natural. When you come across something uncomfortable, scary, or challenging….say your slogan and kick your body into gear to tackle your fears without hesitation.

Action proceeds motivation…so say your personal action phrase, take action, and maybe you will even find motivation!

Make a Personal Action Slogan and Tackle Your Fears

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