I Dont Feel Like It TOdayYou finally did it. You motivated yourself to do something 2 days in a row, but then…

You miss a day. What Now?

If you are a chronic procrastinator it’s hard to stick to schedules, keep commitments, and stay persistent. Even if you do find something that you can motivate yourself to start doing a few days in a row…missing just one day of the routine is enough to make you stop.

I’ve been there, the point when you finally pushed yourself to take a 1 mile walk and even somehow manages to do 2 days in a row. But then on day 3 it happens, life gets in the way or you just can’t find the same inspiration you had previously…so you take a “I don’t feel like it say”.

Day 4 you think about walking, but what’s the point….You’ve already broken your streak, you probably weren’t gonna stick with it anyway, and right now it would feel a lot better if you didn’t think about it.

The Good News is…

If this is you…I have good news for you. A recent study showed that missing an opportunity to perform a behavior does not affect the habit forming process. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day. It’s totally ok you can still form good habits.

If you are trying to incorporate any type of good habit in your life like working out, eating healthy, brushing your teeth, doing your dishes, etc…you can still do it. Everything that drove you to want to take action a few days ago is still there. Just pick up where you left off.

Habits take a long time to form usually between 30 and 65 days. As a chronic procrastinator doing something that consistently for that long is hard. There is bound to be a few missteps. Don’t beat yourself up. Do the best you can, when you can and there’s a good chance you can still form good habits.

Don’t Let A Day of Procrastination Steal Your Momentum
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