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Is Your Mood Causing Your Procrastination?


Issue #6: Is Your Mood Causing Your Procrastination?

Hello again my friend, 

We’ve been talking about why we procrastinate. So far, you’ve seen that procrastination comes from fear, perfectionism and your energy levels.

But what about your mood? Are your emotions keeping you from taking action?

Yes, according to Dr. Fuschia Sirois, professor of psychology at the University of Sheffield, she says, “People engage in this irrational cycle of chronic procrastination because of an inability to manage negative moods around a task.”

Procrastination isn’t a character flaw. It’s not some mysterious curse on your time management ability either.

Understanding how our moods influence procrastination can unlock the path to taking proactive steps forward

It is your way of coping with challenging emotions when faced with certain tasks. We might be bored, anxious, insecure, frustrated, have self-doubt, be frustrated or any other type of emotion towards the task.

This can lead us to think that putting off the task and doing something else like cleaning the closet which seems like a better idea.

Instead, this leads us into a vicious cycle.

We think that delaying the task will make us feel better. But what happens is that we feel blame, regret, self-loathing and all kinds of other emotions when we finally get back to the task.

In the end, it’s important we take action even when our mood is causing us to procrastinate. When you’re feeling emotional, tackling tasks by dealing with those feelings directly and breaking them down into smaller steps can really help you beat procrastination.

Sending you warm thoughts for a productive week,

Vera JM Friesen

P.S. Thank you for joining me on this journey from procrastinating to finally being productive. You can read past issues here.



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