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Top 3 Reasons Why We Procrastinate


Issue #5: Top 3 Reasons Why We Procrastinate

Progress is made by small steps taken consistently, not by waiting for the perfect moment.

Hello again friend,

I often think about the ways in which I procrastinate in my life, I can find it very frustrating because it truly is my heart to be productive in all areas of my life.

There was a survey taken in 2015 which found that on average, a person loses over 55 days per year procrastinating. This means they are wasting around 218 minutes every day on doing unimportant things.

That’s almost 2 months of wasted time.

So why do we procrastinate so much?

The top 3 reasons might surprise you.

  • A fear of failure is the most common cause of procrastination. You fear the consequences of failing. So, in your logical thoughts, if you don’t attempt to take action, then you are guaranteed not to fail. 

Overcome this by: Breaking down projects into small tasks and focus on the process not the outcome.

  • You are excessive about perfection. You find it difficult to take action unless and until you know you can do the job to your total satisfaction. It can be a problem when you aren’t familiar with your task or it’s different from what you are used to.

Overcome this by: Set realistic standards and allow yourself to learn and grow through the process.

  • You are experiencing low energy levels. You lack the energy, so you don’t feel like doing much. This can come from having an unhealthy lifestyle, insufficient sleep or any other unhealthy cause. You’re tired and sluggish so you want to curl up on the couch.

Overcome this by: Start with small easy tasks to build momentum, taking breaks to recharge when needed.

All these reasons can be addressed and cured and we will continue to discuss how we can overcome procrastination.

Sending you warm thoughts for a productive week,

Vera JM Friesen

P.S. Thank you for joining me on this journey from procrastinating to finally being productive. You can read past issues here.

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Vera JM Friesen

I'm obsessed with personal growth and overcoming anything that stands in my way. I hope to help many people by sharing insights and tools to overcome procrastination.

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