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Time Management Strategies For Productivity


Issue #4: Time Management Strategies For Productivity

Putting things off is a way of convincing ourselves that there will always be more time.

Hello my friend,

Let’s grow our time management strategies for productivity.

Here’s the thing… time is not on our side when it comes to procrastination.

Some psychologists believe that procrastination is more of an emotion management response to tasks. But what if you procrastinate because you don’t manage time well?

Isn’t that a form of procrastination as well? 

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When you don’t manage your time well, you often put off doing things that you think you can do later. This type of poor time-management is different for everyone. Maybe you just don’t care enough about the project or your role in your job. Or you believe you only need to be as productive as necessary to survive.

We might not manage their time well because their life is in such an overwhelming disarray, they feel time management won’t help them. They have too many tasks to do, are overwhelmed by their projects and their lives. 

Some of us simply don’t know how to manage our time well.

We don’t have tools, habits, and systems in place to help them be productive and haven’t been shown or taught how to use the available resources for their needs.

Whatever the reason you procrastinate, just remember time is not on your side.

Here are a few things I personally plan to work on:

  1. I plan to adopt a mindset of accountability.
  2. Break my tasks down into manageable chunks.
  3. Celebrate small victories to build momentum.

Sending you warm thoughts for a productive week,

Vera JM Friesen

P.S. Thank you for joining me on this journey from procrastinating to finally being productive. You can read past issues here.

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Vera JM Friesen

I'm obsessed with personal growth and overcoming anything that stands in my way. I hope to help many people by sharing insights and tools to overcome procrastination.

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